Working Papers



No.​ ​Title​ Author​
​2019/04 ​Intergroup Conflict Aversion Weakens Intragroup Cooperation​ ​Jonathan H.W. Tan
Friedel Bolle
​2019/03 ​Loyalty Without Trust ​Renaud Foucart
Jonathan H.W. Tan
​2019/02 Export Volatility with Trade Policy Uncertainty: Evidence From China​ Zhao Xiaotao
Xiaoping Chen
2019/01​ ​Export and Inventory: Evidence From Chinese Firms Zhao Xiaotao
Xiaoping Chen
​2018/09 Culture, Legal Origins and Financial Development ​James B. Ang
2018/08​ Global Extinction and Animal Welfare: Two Priorities for Effective Altruism Ng Yew Kwang
2018/07​ ​Evolutionary Selection of Forecasting and Quantity Decision Rules in Experimental Asset Markets

Te Bao 
Jiahua Zhu
Wai Mun Chia

2018/06 Memory and Obesity: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Te Bao
Qiyan Zeng
Xiaohua Yu

2018/05 ​Some Important Characteristics of Asset Bubbles and Financial Crises Paul S.L. YIP
​​​​2018/04 Nonlinear Adjustment and Exchange Rate Policy: Lessons from Singapore for Other Small Open Economies Fangli YAN,,
Paul S.L. YIP
​​​2018/03 Privatization of Solid Waste Collection Firm Hiroshi KINOKUNI,
Shuichi OHORI,
Yasunobu TOMODA

The Impact of Interest Rate Policy on Individual Expectations and Asset Bubbles in Experimental Markets

Jichuang ZONG
​​2018/01 The Immigrant-Native Educational Achievement Gap in Countries with Selective Immigration Policies ​​Chris SAKELLARIOU