Working Papers



No. ​Title Author
2017/12 The Treatment of CBA in Developing Countries Euston QUAH,
Tsiat Siong TAN
​​​​2017/11 Signal and Political Accountability: Environmental Petitions in China Jiankun LU,
​​​2017/10 The Exchange Rate System Reform in China: US Pressure, Implicit Gradual Appreciation and Explicit Exchange Rate Bands Paul S.L. YIP,
Yiu-Kuen TSC,
Yingjie DONG
​​2017/09 Regret Aversion, Regret Neutrality, and Risk Aversion in Production Xu GUO,
Alan Wing-Keuong WONG
​​2017/08 Clash of The Temperaments: Why Vendettas Perpetuate Friedel BOLLE,
Jonathan H.W. TAN
​​2017/07 The Role of Punctuation in P2P Lending: Evidence from China Xiao CHEN, ,
Bihong HUANG,
Dezhu YE
​​2017/06 Productivity Dynamics of Chinese Manufacturing Firms Qu FENG,
Zhifeng WANG,
Guiying Laura WU
2017/05 ​​James B. Ang,
Per G. Fredriksson
2017/04 The Timing of Input Contributions, Deservingness, and Income Sharing Rules
Jichuan Zong,
Te Bao,
Jack Knetsch,
Xiaowei Li
2017/03 Ten Rules for Public Economic Policy ​Yew-Kwang Ng
2017/02 Uncovering The Deep Roots of Conflict James B. Ang,
Satyendra K. Gupta
​2017/01 Multidimensional Group Identity and Redistributive Allocation: An Experimental Study

Fuhai Hong,
Yohanes E. Riyanto,
Ruike Zhang