One Asia Foundation Lecture Series


Past Lectures

​Date/Time ​Topic / Speaker ​​
​​30 September 2014 "Two Gini Decompositions and Income Inequality in China: Rural - Urban Disparity" by Professor Pundarik Mukhopadhaya, Macquarie University Sydney
​1 September 2014 "Regional Dynamics in a Decentralized Indonesia" by Professor Hal Hill, Australian National University
​27 August 2014 "The Impact of 2008 Financial Crisis on Firms Productivity: Evidence from Eastern Europe" by Professor Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin, Istanbul University
​​18 March 2014 "Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture" by Professor Shreekant Gupta, University of Delhi and LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
​13 March 2014 "The Exchange Value of RMB and China's Trade Balance" by Professor Zhang Zhaoyong, Edith Cowan University, Australia
​20 February 2014 ​"Minimum Wages and Employment in China" by Professor Tony Fang, Monash University
​17 January 2014 ​"Price Subsidies vs. Income Transfers" by Professor Parkash Chander, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy
​​14 November 2013 "Does High Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?" by Professor Andrew J. Oswald
​​18 September 2013   "The Power of BRICS in the World Trade and Growth:  Will China and India exert monopoly power to control world finances?" by Professor Ahmed M. Khalid
​12 September 2013 ​"Natural Disaster in Japan: Economy, Energy and Environment" by Assoc Prof Shunsuke Managi
​​9 September 2013 "Research and agricultural productivity in Indonesia" by Professor Peter Warr 
​28 August 2013 ​"Economic Growth and Development of Malaysia: Achievements and Challenges" by Professor Tan Eu Chye
​​22 July 2013 "Politics of Protection: Some Recent Issues, Protectionist Poetry, and what Researchers Can Do to Help" by Professor Edward Tower
​​8 May 2013 "Thai Baht Appreciation and the Independence of the Bank of Thailand" by Assoc Prof Chayodom Sabhasri
​​25 April 2013 "The Global Financial Crisis and Business Cycle Synchronization in Southeast Asia" by Assoc Prof Bhanupong Nidhiprabha
​​26 March 2013 "Impact of Trade Liberalization on Pollution and Poverty in Lao PDR - CGE model and Micro-simulaton Approach" by Assoc Prof Phouphet Kyophilavong
​​27 February 2013 "Bond Crises in America and the EU and its Impact on the Economies of Japan and China" by Professor Lim Hua Sing