Post-Congress Tour

Dear EAAERE 2017 attendees,
we would like to thank you for expressing your interest and support for our post-congress tours thus far. 
We are pleased to update you with the details of each tour. 
However, we regret to inform you that in light of our latest participation rates and the changes made by our local tour agency, there have been several changes (highlighted in red) made to the prices and itineraries of our post-congress tours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Please refer below for the updated details of each tour.
Deadline for tour booking: 24 Jul 2017
7 Aug 2017 (Mon): 6pm-11pm
  • Option A: Singapore by Night (SGD 55/pax)​
  • Option B: Night Safari (SGD 65/pax)
8 Aug 2017 (Tue): 9am-1:00pm or Day Tour
  • Option C: Gardens by the Bay (SGD 28/pax)
  • Option D: Many Faces of Singapore     We regret to inform you that it is not available.
  • Option E: Urban Farming (SGD 50/pax)​    
  • Option F: Singapore City Tour (SGD 34/pax)
  • Option G: Mangrove Kayaking (SGD TBC/pax)
** The price of each tour will be decided upon the confirmation of total participants.   
Please contact Ms Youjin Cecilia KIM for enquiries and booking/cancellation​ at EAAERE2017@ntu.edu.sg.
You may also contact Ms Janet Chee (Safe2Travel: +65-6823-1605 or inbound@safe2travel.com) directly for most updated information.

     Option A - Singapore by Night
​Time ​Activity
​6.15pm ​Pick up from Mandarin Orchard Hotel
​6.40pm ​Arrival at Gardens by the Bay
​6.45pm ​Tour of Gardens by the Bay, Rhapsody Show
​7.45pm ​​Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Singapore River Cruise
10.00pm​ ​Arrive back at Mandarin Orchard Hotel
*Tour will be conducted non-exclusively with other tourists.
Located next to Marina Reservoir, Gardens by the Bay offers breath-taking waterfront view. This nature park sans 101 hectares of reclaimed land and consist of three garden: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.
Option B - Night Safari Tour

​Time ​Activity
​6.15pm ​Pick up from Mandarin Orchard Hotel
​6.40pm ​Arrive at Night Safari
​6.45pm ​Admission into Night Safari, Tram Tour
​10.45pm ​Arrrival back at Mandarin Orchard Hotel
*Tour will be conducted non-exclusively with other tourists.
The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Night Safari is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night, divided into seven geographical zones, from rugged Himalayan Foothills to swampy banks of the Asian Riverine Forest and more.
You can hop on to the guided Tram Safari Tour that travel deep into the domain of the world most fascinating animals across six geographical zones in world. Otherwise, enjoy the walking trails to see even more animals that not visible from the tram journey. Take a leisurely trek along the Leopard Trail where you can get within a whisker of the beautiful leopards or observe the lions during the token feeding session. Likewise, go down under into the Outback to discover native wildlife of Australia such as cute wallabies’ family at Night Safari’s newest attraction- Wallaby Trail.
Lastly, don’t miss the must see Creatures of the Night show, a highly entertaining and interactive 20 minutes show highlights the natural abilities of some of the most fascinating nocturnal animals as well as the fire eating displays. 


 Option C - Gardens By The Bay
​Time ​Activity
​9am ​Pick up from Mandarin Orchard Hotel
​9.30am ​Arrival at Gardens by the Bay
​9.45am ​Admission into Gardens by the Bay (2 Conservatories, admission included)
*This is a non-guided tour. 
Participants will need to find their own transport back at their own convenience.
Option D - Many Faces of Singapore
We regret to inform you that it is presently not available.
You may alternatively contact The Original Singapore Walks (R) for unique tours that will let your learn hidden and rich stories of Singapore.
Phone: (65) 6325 1631

       Option E - Urban Farming
​Time ​Activity
​9.30am ​Pick up from Mandarin Orchard Hotel
Our colleague will walk over to Scape Park
Urban Farming Program  (duration 1.5 hrs)
* Briefing & Introduction
* Visit of Farm
* Q & A Session
11:05am End of program
Guests to walk back to hotel
Amid the skyscrapers and the shiny malls on Orchard Road, a group of farmers is hard at work. They are picking eggplants and basil atop *SCAPE mall, in what is Singapore’s first commercial rooftop farm.
The size of nearly two basketball courts, the farm currently produces about 30 kg of food per week that is sold to nearby hotels and restaurants, at prices below than organic imports.
On weekends, it transforms into a community farm. Students and elderly volunteers come to learn how to grow their own food and knowledge about food sustainability.
The farm is the brainchild of social entrepreneur Mr Allan Lim and his three friends, who all have agriculture-relate backgrounds. They goal was to tap the potential of “marginalized land” –land that people don’t see as useful so that Singapore will be better to withstand imported food supply disruptions as currently Singapore imports more than 90 percent of its food according to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.
Option F - Singapore City Tour

​Time ​Activity
​9.00am ​Pick up from Mandarin Orchard Hotel
​9.30am ​Tour commencement (Little India - Merlion Park - Chinatown - National Orchard Garden)
​1.00pm ​Arrive back at Mandarin Orchard Hotel
*Tour will be conducted non-exclusively with other tourists.
Driving past the Colonial District that forms the very heart of Singapore, its neo Palladian building lining the banks of Singapore River. The juxtaposition of the soaring skyscrapers of the central business district towering over the colonial building demonstrates how the city celebrates its colonial past, whilst embracing its fast-paced and energetic present. A walk through the area not only will provide a glimpse into the city’s beginnings, but also reveals some of the most picturesque perspectives of Singapore and the city’s most famous landmarks.
Little India
As its name suggests, Little India is Singapore’s foremost Indian enclave. Its charm lies in the fact that many of the olden-day trades can still be found by its roadsides, alleys and back lanes. Fortunetellers and their parrots, flower vendors selling garlands of jasmine, kacang puteh (roasted nuts) sellers on pushcarts and street-side newspaper vendor are just some of the interesting sights to be found. Amid the pungent fragrances of spies and blooms is Serangoon Road and its inner lanes like Camphell Lane, Dunlop Street and Hindon Road. Here, look out for stalls selling Ayurvedic massage oil, gold, incense and fabrics in variety of textures.
Merlion Park
Photo-Stop at Merlion Park, Singapore’s Icon-a lion Head denoting the Lion City and the body of a Fish, signifying that Singapore was once a fish village. Here, you will have fantastic views of the Marina Bay and waterfront.
Chinatown was originally designated for the Chinese by Stamford Raffles. This historical district is the cultural hub of Chinese community and is rich in Chinese heritage.
Walk past the well-preserved shop houses and get a feel for what it was like for Chinese immigrants who made Singapore home. Venture into the Chinese trade stores, including one specializing in traditional Chinese remedies and another one specializing in Chinese funeral rituals. Visit a “wet market”- Chinatown was and is still famous and popular with many Singaporeans for its wet market. Mingle with the locals. 
National Orchid Garden
Beside, explore the National Orchid Garden, which located, on the highest hill in Singapore Botanic Gardens, providing a place for 60000 orchid plants on three hectares of carefully landscaped slopes. National Orchid Garden offers a permanent showcase, the largest display of tropical orchids in the world featuring our National Orchid - Vanda Miss Joachim.

       Option G - Mangrove Kayaking
*This is a non-guided tour. 
Participants will need to find their own transport to and from the venue at their own convenience.
- Taxi from hotel to Changi Jetty = est SGD25-30
- Water taxi from Changi Jetty to Pulau Ubin = SGD3 one way. 
Tidal timing on 8 Aug is estimated at 9am. 
This adventurous half-day tour will introduce you to the peaceful and natural sites of the bustling Singapore metropolis. Escaping Singapore’s downtown busy streets for a getaway on Pulau Ubin, a small tranquil island off Singapore’s northeast shore. You will paddle through mangroves abuzz with wildlife, learning about biological and ecological significance of the mangrove’s flora and fauna. For bird watching enthusiasts, you will also be able to spot species such as Kingfishers, Hornbills, Herons and Egrets and many more in the rural atmosphere of the island.
**Participants are required to wear proper outdoor clothing and cover shoes for this activity and professional guidance and equipment will be provided.